LOCATED | New York City | Berlin

ETTE is a multidisciplinary, shamanic artist; whose abilities are believed to be reincarnated from her beloved grandmother. 

The ETTE is a derivative of a nickname given to the artist by her grandmother as a child. Whilst naturally born right-handed, after her grandmother's passing, ETTE switched almost supernaturally, inheriting her grandmothers' left-hand dominance. 

ETTE's shamanic style enables her to not only channel guidance from her nana, but also access the spiritual realm. Working in a trance state, ETTE's artistic expression captures not only inter-dimensional energy, but imprints of ETTE's soul and lived experience. This intimate, sensory process allows ETTE to transform mere layers of paint into messages for those that need them most. 

ETTE is a published poet, and internationally exhibited painter. Her accolades include but are not limited to: Modern Art Masters (Louvre, Paris); Festival de Cannes (2022), Museum Curation for Governor Fifi Masuka (DRC 2021), and Volunteer Art Teaching (DRC).