Nature vs Nurture

Have you ever thought about the psychology behind feeding a baby for the first time?

You fly the spoon like an airplane

To distract them.

So they forget it's something they don't want

By the time it crashes into their face.

That's how you fed your lies to me

Careful to blow on the spoon,

So I wouldn't notice the burn.

Enthusiastic with your delivery

You have to be some sort of sociopath,

Because even your eyes believe your stories.

Spinning me round in circles

Kept my head in the clouds

Until down was up and right was left and everything you said was true.

And just like all the babies

At first I made a face

Spat it out

But eventually I ate your shit

Knowing I didn't like it

Knowing it was coming straight out of your ass.

I began not to mind the taste?

Forgot what bothered me about it in the first place.

God forbid I even liked it.

And now I sit here

Tracing back every innate thing about me

Running my hands over my body

Finding my answer on my side

In the first tattoo I ever got

Which reads

“For You Are A Product Of Your Past

Not A Prisoner”