I still remember the day you left me

I leaned in to kiss you

With the door propped open

You were mid-step

Out of my life.

I read somewhere that people subconsciously

point their toes at what they want.

And for some reason my most vivid memory on that morning

Is looking down at yours.

They were pointed at the exit

Your body half turned

You grabbed your heart

That I sewn back together with a broken rib bone

And silk from my veins

And tucked it safely in your pocket.

In New York you greet people with a kiss

You say goodbye with a kiss

We always kissed

On the lips

Like lovers do

But this time

You didn’t kiss me back

You kissed the air

Like it did anything to deserve your love.

And my lips

Reaching for yours

Finding themselves on your cheek

Desperately hoping that

Mine are soft enough

Eloquent enough

Quiet enough

To make you stay.

But I watched you go

Until there was no light between the crack in the door

And you never looked back

Not even once